Tampasm: who are them?

Ok, in this section i am supposed to reveal all the infos on Tampasm, both as a group and as ladies...
Thanks to Jennifer, Oli and Cat themselves, I am now getting more and more info, so I hope this page will get better as time goes by....
Here are some basic facts: the singer is Charlotte Evangeline Honey, the bassist is Jennifer Bishop, the guitarist is Ollie Arnold, and the drummer is Cat Black, all from the Brighton,England area. They want to be the Spice Girls of metal (read the interview if you don't believe it!), and when in the band they were all heading towards the 20th year of life.To be more specific, here are their birthdates (drop a line in the guestbook to wish them a happy birthday!!!):
  • OLI 2 NOVEMBER 1977
  • CAT 18 FEB 1978
  • CHARLOTTE 26 JUNE 1978

  • They play a fantastic Punk/Street rock,with influences both from '77 and 80s glam (they even do a Poison cover live!)
    Their label used to be Mercury Records, but before getting signed they came out with two compilation tracks:'Blindsight' and 'A Generation', along with a couple of vynils on indie labels. Their smash hit came with "Darling self-destruct",their first single (which came along with an amazing video).

    Then another ep followed... and then the split. I believe they would have got HUGE, if only they had released a full-lenght album. But you can't argue with markets and personalities, can you? :(

    Some cool things I found regarding Tampasm (some stuff was told me by them in this very page's guestbook!)

  • Johnny X of KENICKIE (visit Nessa's or Milla's Kenickie page if you don't know who they are!Shame on you anyway!) said this during an interview for Melody Maker: "I think their name's quite canny, a pun on the words Tampax and orgasm". Cool,uhu? :)
  • Actually, aye, the name Tampasm is EXACTLY a pun on words Tampax and orgasm, as CAT revealed to me: "We were 15 years old or so drinking snakebite and black (a mixture of Cider and Lager with Blackcurrant cordial Ugh!) in a pub in the middle of the countryside and Oli suggested it. We wanted a name that sounded a bit rude and that people could remember (I think we achieved that!) and the word (I think you already know this) is a combination of the words Tampax and Orgasm and thats all we know about it!! I hope that answers your question!!"
  • Jennifer quite seems to love piercing (and I surely do love her piercings!).She herself said:" I HAVE HAD TO TAKE OUT THE ONE ON THE BRIDGE(TOP) OF MY NOSE AS IT WOULDN'T HEAL (GUTTED EH!?). I HAVE MY TONGUE,BELLY BUTTON(X2),NIPPLES,SEPTUM AND MORE!" If I may put forward a slice of personal opinion,I am sorry to hear she removed the bridge one,it was the one I liked most.I was about to get one done when i saw her in Leicester....but then i realized I didn't have enough money!!!Oh,well,and i wonder what she means by "and more"...
  • Richard Gombault of Midget SUXXX!!!Why?Read what he's said to Kerrang,answering the question "What's the record you're ashamed to own?":"That's easy-Skid Row.Oh,hold on,I've got a Motley Crue record as well,so it's a toss-up between the two!I was told to listen to Skid Row by the collective members of Tampasm,but it's just cheesy '80s metal". C'mon Richard,not only you disrespect Tampasm music,but you even say that Skid Row is crap!Skid Row is one of my 3 favourite albums of all times,it's glam rock at its best!!!Only Tampasm can do better!!!
  • Charlotte Honey qualified 47th at the yearly Kerrang's "Most shaggable people in Planet Rock" contest (yeah she even beated Fluffy!)
    "Tampasm,a 4-piece,all-female combo from Brighton,were the victims of a "very cruel" nasty trick from glam veterans WASP. The four girls,after supporting Lawless & co. at a concert at the Rock City of Nottingham,went back to their rooms in the backstage feeling quite hungry, and there,to their horror,they discovered that WASP had eaten all of their sandwiches." (27 March 1997)

    (This was an article i found in an Italian online magazine...it's pretty silly but I promised to report of every single thing about Tampasm,right?)

    Well,that's all i am able to offer at the moment,so please if you have any info on them (updates,articles,whatever...) please e-mail me at thepunisher@antisocial.com C'mon...Italy is kinda cut off from most UK news...

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