If there's something i like doing at concerts when i'm not headbanging,pogoing,screaming,smashing, running,or stabbing,is taking pics.
So here are the ones i took when i saw Tampasm live in Leicester and Birmingham,plus some others i found...well somewhere else!
Just click on the description to see the pic...they are all small files,and even if your modem is slow,please is well worth it!!!



  • Tampasm on Brighton's beach in a HOT day!
  • The band getting ready for fun
  • The band outside their favourite shop in Brighton
  • An early pic of the band:all of them have straight hair!!!
  • A black and white pic of the band!Lots of Thanks to Lee Stamper for this!
  • This all-pink pic was inside the "Darling self-destruct" single
  • An all-orange pic of the band!(I love ths pic...wish it was bigger!)
  • This group pic was on Kerrang! magazine.It has Jen with another cool hairstyle!
  • Tampasm appeared on Select Magazine too!


    Live at Leicester Fisio'n'Firkin:
  • Charlotte sings and smashes the microphone on the head of a fan...well seems like it at least! :)
  • Jennifer at the bass!
  • Ok,this pic is not so good...but i think it puts you in the right gig mood!
    Live at Birmingham Rock Exposure Cafè:
  • Charlotte looks very mean in this pic...while Ollie (in the background) is as nice as usual!
  • A close-up of Jenni concentrating on her bass.She is amazing.I was about to pierce my upper nose like her!
  • Here you can see Oli her in all her guitar-playing beauty!
  • Jenni and Ollie go solo crazy in pure heavy metal tradition!
    Live at Birmingham Rock Exposure Cafè-PICS BY SHANE REYNOLDS:
  • Oli steals the scene while Charlotte gets ready to rock!
  • A great "all-band" pic!
  • Another great pic!Shane,you rule!
  • Oli and Jen doing some backup vocals...
  • Charlotte relaxes during a solo.
  • Shane fingers the b... Woops,I meant,the band is slightly obscured by a finger! :-)
    Assorted live pics:
  • Charlotte in cool PVC trousers!
  • A rather old live pic found on a magazine,sent me by Milla!Thanks!


  • Charlotte enjoying a ride...
  • Charlotte enjoying yet another ride before going onstage...!She's lovely!
  • Charlotte trying ice-creams...a 99 and a Mini Milk
  • In this pic Charlotte looks like Lara Croft!(Well in my opinion at least!)
  • This is probably the best Charlotte pic I took!
  • Be envy!!!It's me and Charlotte!(so you can have a look at the maker of this homepage,too!)(well if you don't care about about the close-up on her wonderful face!)
  • This Charlotte pic comes from her Q&A on Kerrang!
  • Charlotte with a new cool hair colour at the Kerrang awards (the guy next to her is a Def Leppard member!)
  • Charlotte and Brian Molko of Placebo
  • Charlotte and a Diamond Dave (their roadie! All hail Dave!)...who's also holding the BEAUTIFUL Tampasm T-Shirt!


  • In this Jen pici was next to her,but i looked so bad i decided not to spoil her beauty...
  • Jennifer attacks a Cornetto
  • How Jen looks in 98,when she has to work...
  • And this time (summer '98) I also came out decent enough in the pic,to stand beside her!
  • Jennifer in August 1999, still working in her hometown


  • Guitarist Oli....ok this is more like a mugshot...but guess what?I was standing beside her,looking BAD!
  • Olivia tests a Feast


  • Kick-ass drummer Cat...sorry Cat,but this is the only pic i have of you,cause during the gig you were hidden to the camera by a column.In my opinion,anyway,it still shows how stunning you are!
  • Cat teasing us with a Calippo and a Milky Way
  • Me and Cat playing "House of the Dead 2" in the Brighton arcade! - Summer 99
  • On the Brighton beach on a Saturday night - Summer 99
  • Me and Cat on a sunny day on the beach!WOW! - Summer 99


    (I thanks James and Meg for the help in finding and scanning some of them!)

  • The "Darling self destruct" single cover
  • The "This is carnage" single cover
  • The Glorified Vibrator single front...and back.This is pure class!
  • The Darling Self Destruct PINK VYNIL!This is the classiest thing you'll ever see!
  • Darling Self Destruct promo: sleeve and cd
  • This is Carnage promo: sleeve and cd
  • A Generation Label compilation (Lush Life is on it!): front cover , back cover, vynil side A , vynil side B