Tampasm’s Jenny Bishop - well,she used to be in Tampasm.We talked to her before the split...

Although most of Tampasm are still in their teens,they hurtled out of Brighton,released an Ep and toured with Alice Cooper in less time than it takes Def Leppard to think of an album title.Sadly,the band have split up in the month since this interview was recorded,with Jen posting a message on one of their fans websites (*)."After months of shit with our record company we have split up" she said,adding that she has "no plans to form another band".
The feisty foursome formed their all-girl line-up while still in the shadow of looming A-levels,putting their education on hold while the band took off.There can’t be many teen bands that wouldn’t quake in their DMs at the prospect of warming the stage for an icon of rock with only months of experience.Tampasm,typically,took it in their stride.
"When we were on tour with Alice Cooper" said Jen "we got so much respect.They said we were really good for a young band,not for a girl band,one of the biggest compliments we’ve been paid".
Through her ascent to gigging musician,Jenny also discovered that it’s harder work than the fantasy would have us believe.And while the industry side of things may have let her down,the gigs were something that she enthused about. "It’s great!But it’s hard work - it’s the heat that does it.We come off stage dripping,thinking, ‘We shouldn’t be doing this-we’re girls!’ Forget what they say:girls definitely don’t ‘glow’ onstage;it’s proper sweat."
We wish her the best of luck for the future.

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