On the beach with CAT!!!!!

This homepage, as I say on the main page, is here to stay, and I am happy about my decision of keeping it online (not that there was any doubt,ever!) because it keeps giving me great satisfactions... like the chill that ran down my spine when in May 1999 Cat emailed me for the first time, saying that she was online, at last! We emailed a bit and she agreed to meet me in August, when I'd be travelling around England. So I had her phone number and I knew where she worked at in Hove (as a bartender).
I got to England on a Saturday, and as soon as I was off the ferryboat (yeah I drive up to there!) I called the one and only Cat Black!!! She told me that,yeah,she was free that evening,and I drove to Brighton oh-so-quickly, to be sure I'd not miss the date (my two travel mates came with me, cause they are fans of the band too!). And there she arrived, at the entrance of the Brighton pier. I happily hugged her and after introducing the others we followed her to a cool pub near the seafront. After some beers over there (not too many, cause I had to drive!), we moved to talk a bit more on the seaside, where there was a bar on the beach with a full-on party! By then we had loosened up and the music volume was not as loud as in the pub (where you had to shout in her ear and hope she'd understand you!), so we could ask her some questions about Tampasm, her life, and things like that. She told us that she is going back to University (and indeed she has!), and there will look for a new band (drummers are always in demand! Especially good ones as her!), that the rest of the band is back to Uni,too, and then told us funny stories about the bands they met on tour, like Theraphy, the Wildhearts and the God himself, Alice Cooper. Tampasm opened for him on his English tour, but never got to meet him in person until the last day they gathered their courage and knocked on his door. He greeted them and signed their records and told them he was impressed by their music. Cat was still giggling when she told us this!!! I would giggle a lot,too, if Alice had told me I was good at playing!
We took a lot of pics... actually they are all the same kind of pic, but we all wanted to have a pic with her on the beach but didn't trust any of the drunk people there,so we had to take them by ourselves,in turns...! :)
For some very strange reasons (Tony Blair, if you're reading this,please CHANGE THE LAW!), the bar on the beach closed at 11PM and we had to go away. But the night was still so young, so we walked back to the pier for a walk and some more fun. And surely we found plenty to have fun with... the Brighton pier is one of the best places for videogames and fun fairs! It was too cold to take a ride on the rollercoaster, but we could stay inside and play some cool stuff, like "House of the Dead 2"!
Cat was particularly good at the game, and she confessed me that she had been playing the first episode of the game a REAL lot, when Tampasm were still together. She'd get out of work, call Charlotte and they'd go to the pier and put zillions of coins in the machine! She surely knew how to bust a head or two! I was really glad I had her covering me while I was shooting down some more zombies, as I was not as good as her. And I was very happy to be actually sharing a game with the drummer of my favourite English band!!! That's a good feeling, everyone should try that...!
We didn't finish te game, but we spent a lot of time on it, so soon it was time for her to go back home and for us to go back at the campsite. She said she'd geta taxi, but there's no way I'd let her do that... I drove her to the door of her house and asked her to kindly sign some things for real fans (you know who you are!), then kissed her goodnight. I was very happy!

But, it didn't end like that... no, the following day we met her again, on the beach! So we learnt about her "secret" tattoo! :-)
It was a very sunny day as you can see in the photo, and I got sunburnt. We "forced" Cat to sing along with us "Darling Self Destruct" and loads of fun was had. We even found time to go on that rollercoaster (it's a scam!it's too short!) before Cat had to go away, to get all dressed up for a party (I would have liked to see her!). So, that was it,for this year. I can't wait to meet her again next summer! And,hey, Cat, you told me you had a Tampasm live video... keep looking for that! you'll give it to me in person next time,ok? Ciao!!!