TAMPASM - Live in Birmingham @ Rock Exposure Cafè 19 August 1997

Talk dirty to me!

Here are some videocaps from my infamous video bootleg of Tampasm, dating back to when they played in Birmingham in 1997. The only song that came out well was "Talk dirty to me", the Poison cover. All the rest was spoilt by a malfunctioning videotape. But I hope you enjoy this, at least!

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Some comments about the show:

01 - Charlotte declares that, despite inviting us to "Talk dirty to them", they are nice girls, really. Click HERE to listen to her saying that!
03 - A closeup on Jen's many face piercings, how cool were they? (Sadly she had to take most of them off either for infections or for... well, work!)
07 - Look at Oli's funny face. What happened, did she make a mistake or something?
08 - Charlotte looks straight at YOU while she is saying "Just to see YOU" from the song...
09 - Don't you like it when a girl is concentrating just on her instrument?
10/12 - Charlotte invites us to Talk dirty to her. I added a "tit shot" just to inspire you better in that mission... (Charlotte forgive me but I really couldn't resist this!!!)
14/16 - Now Charlotte invites Oli to "Pick that guitar and talk to me!". Oli gladly jumps in the shoes previously worn by CC DeVille of Poison and riffs!
18/19 - Jen joins Oli in the riffing hell, face to face in true heavy metal style!
22 - Charlotte-she got the horns!
24 - Sadly this is the only pic portraying Cat. Sorry Cat, but you were hidden behind that mirror column!!!
25/26 - More of Cat, and beware! The guy in the shot is Diamond Dave, their roadie, but also roadie of bands like Therapy? and writer for Real Rock Network online. Pay respect to the man!

If you want to see more commented pics of this evening, you can either go to the pics page of this very Tampasm homepage, or visit my Livepics page, where I keep loads and loads of pics of loads and loads of bands. Have fun!

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