TAMPASM - Darling Self Destruct videocaps!


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For all the people who've not had the chance to see their videoclip, here are some video captures from it, taken with my new digital camera. There's of course a whole lot of images of Charlotte cause she is the one who appears for 90% of the video time (after all she is the singer... and she's good looking too!), while Cat had just a couple of shots. Oli and Jen share the same "screen time", more or less. Anyway, now you have a better chance to see how much Tampasm interact with the world of "Ghost in the shell" (the anime by Masamune Shirow). Look for instance at the backgrounds to Jen's solos (pic #1 & 12), which is an actual video capture from the movie, or the background to the general "band shots" (like in #9) to get that "japanese" feeling. It gets even better when you see Jen leaning against a wall "in" the movie (7) and Charlotte runs away from some weird Japanese guys from the movie (13).
Towards the end it starts raining, which makes everything even cooler. And at the very end, when the music is over, Charlotte invites us to "self destruct", too, cutting our throats. This is truly a great video, and probably it's thanks to it (and the good music that came with it) that so many people were drawn to Tampasm's music!