Music and Lyrics galore!

ok,ok,i'm guilty of teasing you...i have just a couple of wavs to make you hear...but i know they'll be more than enough to make you run to your local shop and buy their albums! at the moment i can just put these three samples on,but if you'll ask for it i may record some more bits!
These are taken from their debut single "Darling self destruct"
  • So let's hear what self-destruction sounds like...
  • SEX!Now that i've attracted your attention..let's hear what are the effects of a "Glorified Vibrator"!

    ok,ok,i'm guilty of ...well enough of it already! :)
    I don't actually have all lyrics,so I'm busy trying to figure them out...anyway,just to have a taste of the nice messages the girls try to propagate,here's...

    Glorified Vibrator

    (cant figure out the first line)
    and my leopardskin thong
    practise fluttering my eyes
    perfume spray between my thighs
    forget my keys but that's alright
    I won't be coming home to night
    I'm so bored of being sober
    all dressed up and shaved all over

    I dont care if youre a businessman,or just a waiter,
    you're too proud to realise you're just a glorified vibrator

    I'll be your oral Aphrodite
    Don't bother putting up a fight
    don't expect to be a long time lover
    after a week I'll be screwing your brother
    you can forget about your chat up lines
    (don't know this one either)
    your place not mine
    you're boring so shut your fucking mouth
    my minds wandering and my hands wandering south

    I promise i'll write dowm more lyrics soon ok?I guess they'll got you drooling already.... :)