Here are some bits of Tampasm totally cool music.I have some wavs,some mp3s and some realaudios,so there's no way you're not going to listen to them!!!
If you notice any recording faults,it's all my fault (I converted all the files by myself),the original recording on cd was flawless-and actually I suggest you to run to the closest music shop and get their cds!
The MP3s are all full songs,so you can enjoy them and buy the cd!Tampasm RULE!!!!!!

This is from the videobootleg i took!
Well,sadly it seems I can't record a proper tape from it,because the bass lines are too heavy and produce a very distorted sound.
But,anyway,here is Tampasm's cover of Poison's "Talk dirty to me"...hope you enjoy the guitar intro,cause it's the only audible part of it! :( (WAV,140K)

A track from the pink vynil single of "Glorified Vibrator".This is called "Blindsight!"

These are from their latest EP "This is Carnage"

  • No,this Carnage song ain't talking 'bout war but...yeah,you guessed it...SEX! :) (WAV,140K)
  • This is the full "This is Carnage" song! (RealAudio,335K)
  • Hardcore Romantic,the full song! (MP3;710K)
  • And this is the beautiful "Intravenous Emotionless"-Really good song. (WAV,577k)

    These are taken from their debut single "Darling self destruct"

  • The title track,the song dedicated to the destruction of the male!Darling self destruct!!!(MP3-620k)
  • Mmm...Glorified Vibrator....what a nice title... (MP3-640K)
  • Taxi Headbutt.It has an intro which sounds like a Motley Crue song...(MP3-780k)
  • Ah...a love song about a Contrived Love...this is so beautiful!(MP3-680k)
  • So let's hear what self-destruction sounds like... (WAV-96K)
  • SEX!Now that I've attracted your attention...let's hear the effects of a "Glorified Vibrator"! (Wav-83K)