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20 March 2000
Hey hey!!! Happy new millenium! Here's the first update of 2000. You were not thinking that the page was dead, were you? No, no... I am a volcano of ideas actually! So for Xmas I got a digital camera and after getting bored taking millions of pics of me nude (just kidding), I thought I'd put it to better use and take videocaps of the DSD video and more importantly of the LIVE video I have. So go check the new sections in the Videoclip and Live pages. I also added a couple of shots of Cat on the beach in her own Shrine. She looks great in them!
So, until next update, byebye! And keep writing me if you have any question about the band!

02 November 1999
The site is still alive and kicking! I've finally had time to update it with the story of I got to meet Cat this summer. Go read it,it's full of pics and gossips! Then, thanks mainly to James and Meg, I finished the ultimate discography on Tampasm... they had a vynil I didn't know about! And to finish it off, there are some new Cat, Jen and magazine pics for you all.
And the page will get even better thanks to YOUR contribution... yeah, you can write whatever you feel about Tampasm on the MESSAGEBOARD ! Cat reads and writes on it, too, so don't be shy!
All hail Tampasm and their shrine...

24 July 1999
Heya!!!I am still around!As I said on the main page,this site will live FOREVER!I am just sorry that I can't update it more often,but as you can guess it's a bit hard to find Tampasm info out there...But in the meantime,I have produced a discography with pics and stuff,and I have managed to work out (thanks to The Seraphim) the lyrics to Hardcore Romantic,so my lyrics section is complete now!
The great news is that I'll be probably seeing Cat in August,so expect an update in September with pics and stories about the band and a Cat Shrine :)
I wish you all a good summer!Keep the dream alive!

22 January 1999
Happy New Year!Yeah,I know it's a bit late,but I have been waiting a bit to update,to gather some stuff...so this is a BIG update!I have a lot of pics for you all,especially since Shane Reynolds sent me the pics he took at a concert (so,what are you all waiting for?If you have a Tampasm pic...contact me!),then there's also a pic of Charlotte appeared in a magazine, you'll find it in the interviews page.
And as you have surely noticed I have changed the main page a bit,just to give a new,fresh look to everything.It's all for today....LONG LIVE TAMPASM!(And,Jen,if you're reading this...please write me!!!)

9 November 1998
Not much has been going on on the Tampasm front,sadly!But anyway I managed to find some Tablatures and Lyrics to upload.I've even had to split the pages cause it was all getting a bit too big and long to open (even if it was all text).So now you have a Lyrics page and a Tablatures Page!
But,the main dish today is the new MP3 in the Music section!It's a rare recording of Tampasm,it was on the pink Glorified Vibrator vynil (will I ever find it?) and on a compilation,but on none of their 2 eps!And it's such a beautiful song,one of th best!!!Go and listen to it and enjoy!!!

15 September 1998
Hello hello!How are you?Well,the summer is over,sadly...I just hope this new update will cheer you up!Well,it surely cheered ME up,since it was all dedicated to my meeting with Jennifer!Yes,I did it,and now I'm here to tell you all about it!So,go to her page and read!What are you waiting for?
Oh,and she was also so kind as to give me a copy of "Bassist magazine",where there's an interview with her!Go read it,too!In the meantime,I'll be working on the last mp3 songs to put online...

29 July 1998
Hiya!Finding new Tampasm stuff is so hard...So,I've decided to put online some music for all of you who have not heard it all yet.Today,I'll put in the music page all the first single's songs in MP3 format!
And,in the tablatures page,you'll find a new and improved version (I'd say...perfect!) of Darling Self Destruct,thanks to Simone G.
It's all for today,and for this summer,too,it seems...I wish you all a good August,I wish Jennifer an happy birthday and....hope to see ya in Uk!!!

10 June 1998
Well,I suppose that if you're here you have already read the bad news on the main page...so,Tampasm are no more thanks to some music business dork.Well,thank you,music business dork!
Anyway,I will try and update the page every now and then,should i ever find anything still carrying the Tampasm name.And,by the way,in just 7 months,this page got 2000 hits!Wow that was awesome,I thank you all!
Today,you'll find 2 mp3s and a RealAudio in the music page,hope you like them.Till next time,da da!

1 May 1998
Wow,it's been a long time since I updated,uhu?
Ok,blame it on my lazyness,but mostly it's all just due to the simple fact that in the last 2 months I've had no news about Tampasm!So,"no news usually means good news",but it also means not being able to update this homepage...
I am still getting lots and lots of visitors,which is a pleasing thing,since this means that Tampasm still rule and that this page is pretty cool! :-)
Today,I am here with an improved version of the lyrics,all the gaps have been filled and some words have been bettered...but I am still missing "Hardcore Romantic".Any volunteer?
Then,I also have pics for you!They are a bit small but they show how cool the Tampasm ladies are...lovely!Check'em out in the Video section!
Well,that's all for now,I hope I'll be able to uptade faster than this time...but I need news!!!Love and candycotton to all of you.

20 March 1998
Heylo!The dish of the day are some new info and gossips about Tampasm (nothing new if you're used to reading the guestbook-providing you can find the right entries!
And then,thanks to Milla and Rhys,I have almost completed the lyrics to the songs!
Ok,that's all for today,have fun and take care!

8 March 1998
A big warm hello to everybody!!!I am feeling quite good today...it may be due to the new,improved music page I've done!You'll find more samples of Tampasm superb music!!!
And then,thanks to EeeeevilMatttt there are a couple of tablatures,for all of you guitar-happy fans!!!Hope you'll enjoy them,to me it was great fun to build the new sections!!!Yeah i guess I am completely devoted to Tampasm!!!
A couple of things...YEAH!We hit 1000 guests last week!Woah,that feels good!Among those guests are the coolest people on earth,thanks to evrybody.The only saddo there is Darryl,the number one motherfuckin' sexual maniac in Durham.I can assure you that his problem is being dealt with.If you feel like writing him an hate mail,just go to the guestbook and click on his address.Tell him to fuck off on my behalf,too.
Well,hope to hear from you all soon!Ciao!

1 March 1998
Hola!!!How ya all doin'?We're celebrating again,today...Yes,Oli has signed the guestbook,too!So,start asking questions to her...you don't want to disappoint her,do you?(And please don't disappoint me by writing too rude stuff!!!)
So,today I can offer you a rather old interview the band made with Kerrang magazine in 96 (hope I got the date right!).
I hope that Oli and Jennifer will answer all the questions so I'll open a new page in this site,something called "Feedback" maybe...and I will be able to put better information in the "info" page!
Oh well that's all for today,have a great time all of you,ciao!

18 February 1998
Hey TAMPASM fans!!!
I've something BIG to celebrate...and that's not just CAT's birthday!!!Go and have a look at the guestbook to see what I'm talking about!!!(Hey,while you're there...sign it,too!!!)
So,to celebrate Jennifer noticing the homepage,today I've uploaded the thumbnails page!Ok,i know most of you alreayd have all the pics,but i guess necomers will be pleased to get the thumbs!!!
And,furthermore,today we're also in for a stunning review of "Darling Self Destruct" made by none-other than mega-cool rapper ICE-T!The guy seems to be constantly pissed at the world,but he awards Tampasm top marks!!!Isn't it cool?
Well,that's all for today!Ciao!

10 February 1998
A new interview was uploaded today,and it has 6 cool pics that go with it!!!And I have to say Cat looks VERY cool with that Calippo...
There have been also some corrections to the lyrics,thanks to Kevin Foster!

4 February 1998
HOORAY!!!Thanks to Enrico,I now have a better background...I hope your eyes will be grateful!!! :)
On the news side,today a rich plate is being served:a very cool interview in which Tampasm talk about their city and some pics that go with it!
I guess the info from the interview will help me tracking them down next summer...

30 January 1998
At last!!!I've managed to record a small bit of the videobootleg I took at Tampasm concert in Birmingham last August!!!Sadly it seems it cannot be properly transferred to tape,so i could only put online this tiny bit...Go to the Music Page to check it out!
And I've found also some very cool pics...just go and look by yourself at the Pics Page!

21 January 1998
Hello!This update is just dedicated to pics.I have two new ones...well one of them had been in my bedroom since i came home from holidays,but i was silly enough to forget to scan it!And it was a pity,since i think tht is the best Charlotte photo ever seen!!!
Lots of thanks to Milla who is helping out with the homepage!!!And,hey people,you are visiting my homepage,but you're not signing my new guestbook... c'mon,now it's easier to find,so you have no excuse now!Go and sign it!!!
Ok that's all for today!Bye!

04 January 1998
Happy New Year to all of you!!!
Well during these hoidays around 75 people have visited the homepage...i am very glad more and more people are enjoying it!Sadly one of them was not a real person but a fucking porno site.They had put a banner on my guestbook! They are gonna see why they call me The Punisher...but for now,I'll have to change the guestbook soon.But keep writing on it,the messages will be written to the new one as soon as it'll be ready!
So,to start this new year with lots of stuff,I have added a short interview with Charlotte, some new pics in the pics page,the lyrics to Intravenuous Emotionless, a B-side of their new single,and,most of all,I have begun a big gossip section...the Placebo Affair!!!
So,there's plenty to read,I'll leave you surfing the homepage instead of annoying you any further!

27 December 1997
For xmas i got a couple of Tampasm pics!!!So go to the pics page and have a look.The number of pics is increasing...I was thinking about adding a thumbnails page.What do you think about it?
I have also added a new interview to Charlotte which appeared on Kerrang magazine.
I think in january I'm writing to Mercury Records and ask them if i can get an interview or previews or anything that could make this page even better!You people seem to be enjoying this shrine so i guess I shall put even more effort into it!
That's all,for now...have a happy new year you all and don't forget to write me your opinions at thepunisher@antisocial.com!I answer to all letters!!!CIAO!

14 December 1997
At last! I've uploaded a new .wav file...it comes from their lates,EP,"This is Carnage",and the bit i've put here is the title track!
And once again I promise the background will be fixed soon!

7 December 1997
Today I updated the info section,adding a couple of trivia about Tampasm.Sadly,no wavs are ready.But by Wednesday i should make it!Sadly i have some problems recording things from the video bootleg i have to a tape and then to a wav file,but i'll deal with it in a short time i think!
And BE AWARE!!! I've changed my email address,now you can contact me at thepunisher@antisocial.com...I'll be waiting for all of your letters!!!

6 December 1997
I feel guilty!I know i had promised to update the homepage last weekend,but a messy time schedule kept me away from the pc for all the week... and I'm afraid it will be the same this weekend :(
Anyway,today I've put up a new Charlotte pic that comes from the Q&A on Kerrang!
I hope to be able to upload a small bit of "This is carnage",their new single,by Wednesday.
One last thing...I'm changing email address...so stay tuned to see what will be the new address you can contact me to! (the one i'm using at the moment will be ok till Thursday,so be quick if you have something important to tell me!).

28 November 1997
Woah!In just 2 weeks I had over 100 hits.I didn't expect to gather much attention!Well,i suppose half of the merit goes to Tampasm themselves...
Today i'm adding a "Ghost in the Shell" pic (just to make you see how the video looks like) and Q&A with Charlotte in the Interviews page. Furthermore,I've found out the missing lines in the Glorified Vibrator lyrics,so now the transcript is complete.
During the weekend i think I'll fix the background (it's a bit too strong,people have remarked) and I may upload another wav...I am thinking of a bit of a live cover...to know whose cover it is just stay tuned!

16 November 1997
Well,here we go!Tampasm' first shrine on the net has been launched into cyberspace!Hope many cybersurfers will notice it!