Ok,what follows is an account of a story I've been through.The result may be 100% gossip,but,who knows?,i may be unveiling some dark secrets about Tampasm and Placebo's connections!The road to become a paparazzi is a step closer! :)
WARNING:I am telling things as they happened,so if you are Charlotte Honey,Brian Molko or a Placebo fan please don't be mad at me!!!
It was middle of August and me and 2 mates decided to go and see this band called Tampasm,whom we saw the stunning video on MTV.They were playing at the Physio and Firkin in Leicester,a very cool place if you ask me.We arrived there about 15 minutes before the show and we ran to the bar to get some beers.While sipping,we noticed a very nice chick in the audience.Deep balck hair to the neck,nice makeup.We were attracted to her.Hell, one of my friends noticed Jennifer sitting at the bar but i kept staring at the other girl...
I went nearer to her,noticing she was talking to nobody...and to my horror i discovered the pretty girl was actually a boy!
Neither me nor my friends could belive it!And we were pretty scared,too,because he had started looking at us!
Well,during the concert the guy showed to be a good pogoer and even began the stage-diving activity (which we joined in with much pleasure), so he learned our respect...and he proved to be even greater since after the gig he kept hanging around with Charlotte.
Since he never left her we assumed he was his brother,and later on we nicknamed him (we love nicknaming people!!!) "The Homosexual Brother"!
Our suspects were confirmed the night after,when we went to another Tampasm gig and saw him there.He clearly wasn't a we sticked to our idea that he was Charlotte's brother.Homosexual,of course :)
And we kept believing it till last Monday.On Kerrang magazine i saw this pic: We were very happy to see the Homosexual brother again and laughed a lot.But our jaws dropped when we got to the Awards section of the magazine,where a band called Placebo (sorry,I had never heard of them,remember I live in Italy and we don't get lots of stuff about uk bands!) had won the award as best British emerging band.What was amusing was the fact that the Homosexual Brother was holding the award!!!
AAAAARGH!!!We realized our big mistake.We had treated a famous guy as a moron!(I had even talked to him,abput Tampasm's videoclip!)
So,now,the question arises:why was mr. Brian Molko following lots of dates of Tampasm tours and sticked close to Charlotte?
May there be something between the two?
Well,this is the story,now it's up to you to decide!Oh,and if you are one of the people i've just been talking about, please drop me a line cause I am curious!And I'd like to say hello to Brian,now that I know that he's a superstar!!!