The videoclip!

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The video Tampasm made for "Darling self-destruct" is awesome, and it used to be played a real lot on MTV.
The video is wonderfully set in the world of the cult japanese anime "Ghost in the shell". The plot of the anime is simple but thought-provoking: a half-cyborg woman and her police squad have to track down a cyber-hacker called The Master of Puppets (no Metallica reference,though!). After loads of running, shooting, hiding, they find him only to discover... well i won't spoil the ending,because i think you all have to watch it.
And if you're a OAV fan...well i can't believe you have not see Tampasm' video yet!

In it you can see the girls interacting with the backgrounds,and often there is a complete mix between them and the cartoon characters. The result is so good that sometimes you can't tell where the cartoon ends and where Charlotte begins (look at the "Staring out of a window" scene to understand what i mean!).When i talked to Charlotte after the show in Birmingham, she was very pleased to hear i really liked how close she looked to the anime's main character...i think she should be called in case a movie was to be made!She was also pleased to meet another manga fan...yes she adores japanese comics! She actually said that at first she wanted to set the video in another anime,called "Tokyo Babylon",but for legal reasons they could not do it and so they went for Ghost in the Shell...but in my opinion Ghost is much better than Tokyo (even better than Akira,if you ask me...).
The only complaint i have to make to the video is that you get to see Charlotte and Ollie lots of times (which is not bad at all!), but you can't see enough from Jennifer and Cat!

So,in the end,i really hope you can check this video out...and that Tampasm will soon make another one!