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(Last updated: 20 March 2000 - new LIVE page and video shots!)

I first heard of Tampasm in June '97,when their amazing video started rolling on MTV (yes,sometimes they do good things!) and hit me.The video was really good,and the music (a kind of noise/street/punk) was even better. In August i was travelling with friends through England when i heard they were giving a show...we instantly ran there and saw them.Bloody good they were!So good,actually,that we went back the following night to see them again! I then got their cds and I think they are among the best bands England ever gave us.It was a sad day when in May '98 they split.This page is dedicated to this great band which will always live in my heart,hoping to make it live forever on the 'net,too.
  • The split: if you wanna read why all the fun ended,read what Jennifer wrote to this page in date 26 May 1998.
  • What's new on this page .I will keep on updating as often as i can,every time i find a new bit on Tampasm,so if you want to see what was added lately...come here!
  • Infos and trivia:Who are they?What do they do?Where do they live?Will they take me as their glorified vibrator?Well,some of these questions may be answered here...
  • Music:hear them sing live and loud!
  • Discography:it will never be long enough,but here's everything the girls have produced in their career!
  • Pics:They are young.They are beautiful.Shall i say more?Run!
  • Articles and Interviews!
  • Lyrics and Tablatures,if you wanna feel like a member of Tampasm!!
  • Their videoclip,a great video for Darling self Destruct,set in the Ghost In The Shell anime world!
  • See Tampasm LIVE! with these videocaps from their concert in Birmingham 1997
  • JENNIFER BISHOP's shrine on the net!I met her in Summer 98,read everything about it here!
  • CAT BLACK's shrine on the net!I met her in Summer 99,read everything about it here!
  • The PLACEBO AFFAIR!Discover Tampasm's dark links to other top UK band!
  • It's ME!!!Know all about PAOLO THE PUNISHER!And,if you really don't care about me....go here to see at least loads of pics of rockstars!!!
  • Click here for a Hardcore xxx surprise!(well it's romantic!) :)

    HEY!!!I have a messageboard too,now!Click here and rush to share your thoughts about TAMPASM in a forum where you can meet all the other fans!!! (and Cat reads it too!)

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    If you have any information on Tampasm,if you are a Tampasm fan,if you ARE Tampasm,please email me at thepunisher@antisocial.com!I want to get some feedback!And,just in case you know Tampasm' e-mail...please hand it over!I wanna keep in touch with them!

    Before leaving, i want to thank some people who helped me putting this website online: first of all Nessa, who gave me some Tampasm info, then in no particular order, DanieleM, Duccio, Ataru Moroboshi, Nehwyn, Enrico "The Muffin Man". You people rule! Thanxxx! Oh! There's also 'Rie... the first guest who wrote me (you see? Being first sometimes DOES pay!)! And, we shall not forget the lady who said the most flattering thing about this site, that "it looks like pink candycotton": she's called ~Angel~Star~Fish~ and thanks to her comment on the guestbook our great friendship began...